Enthusiasm. Love. Empathy.

Many years ago I discovered a love of giving talks and speeches, which even then I was able to use professionally, if in other fields.
As luck would have it, someone recognised this talent and I was given the chance of connecting it with life’s most significant and moving moments.
Every couple, every family and every person and the stories they have experienced is absolutely unique and deserves to be treated as special.

To capture the thoughts and feelings of a loving couple, the miracle of a child and a person’s life in words and so make the day unforgettable – this is a marvellous task and a particular honour.
Since 2013 I have been supporting couples, children and families and designing ceremonies with them according to their wishes and ideas.

I hope to see you soon.


Yvonne Lukowski

I love my job

Making your passions your profession is surely not something that happens often. I am especially happy that this path has been opened to me in life.

When I receive an order to accompany a special day, people trust me to create the ceremony they want from the information and impressions they have given me.
I take this trust very much to heart and look forward to each new ceremony.
I am proud when my words reach and move those present and when the older generations, who grew up with completely different ceremonies, are also moved.

Can there be anything lovelier than making people happy or accompanying them along the way?!