free ceremonies

A drop of love is more than an ocean of will and intellect.

You decided to have a free wedding ceremony and probably do not really know, what exactly happens during that kind of ceremony. This is absolutely usual.
How is the order during that kind of ceremony? Is it possible to include the guests and witnesses? What is the content of the speech and how long is that going to be? Is it possible to integrate special rituals or tradition of our homeland or religion?
With these and all other questions, which are important for you, we will answer during our first appointment.
First of all you send me an email with the date, time and location of your wedding or call me. If the date is available, we talk about key data, the financial aspect and schedule an non-binding appointment. The most important thing is the sympathy and chemistry between the three of us. If we are on the same wavelength, you get some homework in form of dosuments, which allows me to learn more about you and your expectations regarding the ceremony. During the very detailled second appointment we talk about the order, the content and things like music and rituals. I´m doing free ceremonies in german, englisch and bilingual (german/englisch).
Until your wedding I stay at your disposal whenever you need me.

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